Categories: Joel's Fishing Diary
      Date: Jan 31, 2001
     Title: A Winter warmer

Sunday January 30 2011

Due to work and family commitments i have been unable to get out for the last couple of weeks,so was obviously keen to get out to see if there were any bass about.I had a very quick session on the friday but the cold got the better of me and blanked. So sunday saw me give it another go,smallish tides, E NE winds, 2 degrees air temperature, 8 degrees sea temperature,good water clarity, calmish sea with a slight chop. It was cold, some of the rock pools were iced over, classic bass fishing weather ! It was looking like i was going to have another blank when this nice little bass saved the day. she put up a spirited fight in the shallow water, and the excitement definately warmed me up. She weighed in at 3lb 9oz, taken on the deadly feed shallow, and put a big smile on my freezing face !. After unhooking the plug i placed in a small pool and watched her swim back out to sea , another latest plug caught bass, lets see what february will bring.