Categories: Joel's Fishing Diary
      Date: Jan  9, 2004
     Title: Bass Addict Adventure

Sunday 22 December 2013

Its fair to say i am totaly addicted to Bass Fishing ! and its days like this that bring it home to me how deep down that road i have travelled, there is no going back. Arrirving to my mark i kept saying to myself you must be mad, 20 odd mph winds  and 6 degrees air temperature, but it was the thought of all those bass swimming around in the 11 degrees water that kept me going ! The water clarity wasnt too bad but i chose a 5 inch shad in white worked nice and slow to create a good target for any fish that may be about. Obviously this time of year the fishing can be hard, confidence is key to sucsess, so hitting areas that had produced for me in the past just added to that confidence and it wasnt long before i had a good pull and it was fish on !, stripping line on short powerfull runs, taking my time it wasnt long before i was looking at a nice fish around 5 pounds, result...