Categories: Joel's Fishing Diary
      Date: Oct 28, 2003
     Title: A Different Perspective

Tuesday 15 October 2013

I invited Austen Goldsmith up for a bit of North Devon Bass fishing and hospitality in return for the Cornwall stay in early september. The weather looked spot on for a day on Austens rib, with good tides and gentle winds, so we were eagerly out on the water as the first light slowly appeared on a very cold morning. I was hoping for some topwater action but that jusnt wasnt to be, so we stuck to the soft plastics, Austen came in with five fish in the four pound range and i ended up with just the one, but luckily for me it came in at 67 cm, around 7lb, taken on a one up slug. All the fish were in tip top condition  and fought hard.

It was interesting getting a different perspective from the rib as it is an area i fish from the shore, giving me an insight into certain fish holding areas, a great day with great company. If you go onto youtube and type in Bass fishing Devon you will see a nice little film Austen put together