Categories: Joel's Fishing Diary
      Date: Jan 27, 2001
     Title: The first Bass of 2011

Monday 3 January 2011

I couldnt stop thinking about the large fish i lost on new years day , so was chomping at the bit to get back to the waters edge. A north east wind,a good chop on the sea and water clarity good, so my adrenaline was rushing as it always does before the first cast of the plug. My first bass of the 2011 was small but put up a good account of itself , and to be honest i was over the moon to have a fish on the dry land, a cracking silver bar of loveliness, which made up in someway for the loss of the large one, my first january plug caught bass, more was yet to come. As the tide pushed through, i realised i was in the same spot as the lost fish and lo and behold the slowly retrieved contact shallow was it hard by a good bass, which headed back out to sea as larger fish tend to do. It was a good fight , the fish stripping line of the clutch on many runs,head shaking in the shallows wherei carefully handed her in under the gills to a safe spot. A few photos on my mobile, as my camera had turned itself on and run out of power, bugger ! i will update the mobile shots as soon as i have sussed how to do it ! The avon scales leveled at 7lb 13oz, a cracking fish, fat, plump and in tip top condition,she totally engulfed the plug, which i carefully removed, and set this beautiful fish free, great stuff.