Categories: Joel's Fishing Diary
      Date: Sep 10, 2003
     Title: Crazy Weather Fishing

Friday 6 September 2013

Back out on the water with Martyn and again we had plenty of small fish off the top, so time to move and see if we could find something of a better size on one of my rock marks.The weather went from being very warm to freezing cold within 30 mins, the wind increased and the sky blackened, proper bass fishing conditons, Martyn unfortunately lost a nice fish at his feet and i sneaked one out on the nabarone, but i was more concerned about the cracks of lightning which seemed a little too close for comfort, so i made the call to move, as we headed up the path home we came across an adder, which we easily could have put our hand on !

Nice one to Martyn for being top company, it was good to get home in one piece !