Categories: Joel's Fishing Diary
      Date: Jan 24, 2001
     Title: The one that got away !

Saturday 1 January 2011

Well what could be better than to cast a line on the first day of a new year !. A north wind greeted me to my spot, the air temperature was 5 degrees, the water 8 degrees and though the water was coloured it was fishable. A large school of mullet were jumping and showing activity , one of which i foul hooked and was quickly released to join back with its mates. I took the mullet as a good sign and for some reason felt confident something might happen. So after settling in to the constant cast and retrieve hazed in a dull hangover !, it was a shock when i had a violent take on the plug, and when i say violent i mean it, ive never had a take like it,a hit and run, which was then followed by a very large splash as if someone had chucked in a very large boulder, the rod bent double and then nothing. The line had parted on the flurocarbon trace, i use 25lb, the allbright knot to the 23lb braid was good, all i can say is that i was gutted. I didnt feel the fish long enough, but my guts told me it was a good double. I fished on but my heart had sunk and the hangover had reappeared !.That fish will haunt me for a long time