Categories: Joel's Fishing Diary
      Date: Nov  5, 2002
     Title: Autumn Bassing

Sunday 4 November 2012

You could say its all about conditions this time of year, but then you could say Bass fishing is about conditions !, find some clean water and some fizz and youve got half a chance. I decided on one of my classic shallow rocky marks, the wind was blowing south, south westerly, the water a lovely grey blue and clean of any weed and we had a good 3ft swell pushing through, the water by the way is 14 degrees.
Knowing my window would be small, i started fishing a hour before low water, before the force of the swell would be too much and i would have to move, blinkers on i started casting into all the likely areas, feeling confident there would be fish in the rough shallow water, then bang, that was a fish i thought then wallop, fish on, the fish had banged my lure to stun it ! then engulfed it, she hit me on good runs, but i was keen to get her in as quickly as possible with the rough conditions as they were and managed to use a wave to get her into a small gulley , she was mine.

A few pics and then in the sack to be weighed where she came in at 9lb on the dot, a lovely fat autumn fish in tip top condition, broad in the shoulder, a real bruiser. She had totally nailed the Mullet Nabarone, so i took my time to carefully get it before getting her back in the water, due to the short fight it didnt take too long to get her going again and she swam off strongly, magic !