Categories: Joel's Fishing Diary
      Date: Sep 21, 2002
     Title: 9lb 10

Thursday 20 September

Well this mornings fishing rates right up there, great conditions, great company and great fishing. As the tide pushed to high i had a great hit and the fish took off like a train keeping deep on powerfull runs, wow dont loose this one as the rod was hooped right over i got a glimpse of her on the surface a dark golden head and flank, off she went again but i managed to turn her and she was nearly mine, afew short runs and headshakes later she was mine and as soon as i picked her up i knew she was a good fish, 9lb 10 fantastic, as ever a few shots and then back in the water, where i took my time with her before she swam off strongly, magic, it doesnt get better than that !.......