Categories: Joel's Fishing Diary
      Date: Sep 21, 2002
     Title: The Smile Says It All !

Thursday 20 September 2012

Out guiding this morning with my client Peter Burcher, who at one point was a Barra guide in Darwin Australia and now lives in Belgium with his wife and small children, one, he didnt need showing round a fishing rod ! and two was desperate to get into some decent UK Bass fishing, he wasnt dissapointed !..

We started fishing at first light and within 6 casts Peter was into a lively Bass of a few pounds, which was quickly followed by a similar sized fish, both taken on a Zipbaits minnow, conditions were looking great.

As the tide pushed towards high water Peter was in again, this fish powering off on good runs keeping deep and almost snagging him up behind a rock but it wasnt long before the fish was his, a new p.b of 6lb 10 fantastic,his face said it all ....