Categories: Joel's Fishing Diary
      Date: Jan 17, 2000
     Title: Cold Weather

Friday 3 December 2010

After a week of very cold weather, the coldest november for 20 years, today as low as minus 7, i went bass fishing !.A week or more of bitter easterlies saw the wind change to a more bass friendly direction.The water was gin clear and as calm as calm can be.Third cast in between two rocks again fishing the feed shallow nice and slow,wallop ! fish on.She fought hard,tail slapping into the shallows, where i gilled her to safety.A few photos and weighed,7lb 2oz,fantastic.I had one more fish of 5lb3oz on a komomo11 that fought like hell,and took a while to coax in,if i hadnt a leader on the braid im sure i would have lost both fish and lure.All in all a great few hours fishing and my latest in the season plug caught bass.I have heard that a cold snap can often turn the fish on,something to think about.