Categories: Joel's Fishing Diary
      Date: Jul 12, 2002
     Title: Windy But Worth It

Wednesday 11 July 2011

Out for an evening guiding session with local angler Jonny Argent, whos background lies in fly fishing but like so many has decided to have a go at lure fishing for Bass and who can blame him ! The conditions were tough to say the least, a howling wind straight into the face made casting very difficult matched with some chunky 2 to 3 ft swell to top it off. Just as i was showing Jonny where the Bass may be and how to retreive the feed shallow, when wallop ! fish on and a good fish, stripping line on powerfull runs, moving up and down gulleys, keeping deep, so it took a bit of time before she was mine, a few photos, then weighed in the carp sack 7lb 8 a lovely fish in great condition, quickly released..

For the rest of the session i guided Jonny over various different marks but the wind increased along with the swell and we decided to call it a day....