Categories: Joel's Fishing Diary
      Date: Jul  5, 2002
     Title: A Good Day At The Office

Wednesday 4 July 2012

Out guiding today with local angler Ian Kevern. Ian has been fishing most of his life but like alot of us has been bitten badly by the lure fishing for bass bug and needed pointing in the right direction on watercraft, where mr bass likes to dine and what lures to use and when kind of thing.Ian was happy for me to fish with him and it wasnt long before i was into a nice fish of 6lb 4, caught in shallow water over rough ground, a great start, we were both buzzing !

A change of mark and within three casts Ian was into a lively 3lb 1oz fish a new pb, unfortunately it totally nailed his feed shallow and was bleeding heavily so we quickly dispatched it. The conditions were looking great and shortly after Ians fish i was hit by a real steam train of a fish that stripped 40 yards of line on its first run, needless to say a right old battle took place in a lively sea
which i thought the fish might edge but somehow i got the split descion and the fish was mine, a 7lb beauty, a great end to a great day and my thanks go to Ian for making it a memorable day...