Categories: Joel's Fishing Diary
      Date: Jul  2, 2002
     Title: A Cracking Session

Monday 2 July 2012

Having not fished over the weekend i was itching to get out, having checked the wind and swell i chose a stretch i hadnt yet fished, getting there a few hours before low to have a good look about, check out how to get in out over the rocks and cliffs etc
The ground looked good, the conditions felt right, overcast drizzle, a nice swell of a couple of foot to fizz it all up, ok water visability and shallow ground for the water to come over. I started to fish as the tide started to push and it wasnt long before my lure was hit hard and line started to scream off as the fish headed back out to open sea, it felt like a good fish, i eventually turned her into the shallows where i took my time to find a good place to hand her in, being carefull as the waves crashed in, then off she would go again, i think its best to tire fish out in these situations, she was mine a lovely dark golden fish weighing in at 6lb 8oz, a great start, a few photos then released....

The tide was pushing in really nice now with the odd larger set of waves comming through, covering more areas of ground in skinny water, all roughed up and it was were i put my next cast keeping my rod tip up to make my lure prevent from snagging, bang ! fish on and she went off like the clappers back out into deeper water, a good fish, keeping deep, stripping line, this is Bass fishing to me you cant beat it, pure magic, a good fish on light tackle in tough conditions, its a fair scrap, with every chance the fish could snag me up, eventually i get the fish in close, headshaking she is nearly mine, she is mine, a cracker of 8lb 4oz,released to fight another day, a cracking session, sea temperature 14 degrees.....