Categories: Joel's Fishing Diary
      Date: Aug  1, 2001
     Title: A Basswork Orange !

Thursday 21  July 2011

Knowing the spider crabs were in, shedding there shells, i hit a few old marks were i knew the spiders would be, stacked up in the gulleys, with hopefully a load of bass waiting to come and dine on them.
And i was right !, a great session was had, with 19 bass falling to my lure, the killer Ima Sasuke 140 004, a lure i stock for my clients, and for good reason, it does the business, casts well with a great action, the orange colour did the doo, whether there was a connection with the orange of the spider crabs i couldnt say, but it worked for me today.
The best of the fish went 4lb 10, 4lb 6, 4lb 2, 3lb 8 with plenty of other 3s, 2s and 1s, all of the fish were released to live another day, bar one, the 4lb 2 that was hooked in the guts and bleeding heavily, so it was swiftly despatched for the table.On gutting the fish, she was crammed full of spider crab legs !