Categories: Joel's Fishing Diary
      Date: Jul 11, 2001
     Title: North Cornwall Road Trip

Tuesday 28 June 2011

Headed down the coast to check out some new ground in North Cornwall, Graham Hill had got in touch regarding a spot he wanted to fish for the Cornish lure fishing festival, so off i went !.
There is always something exciting about fishing a new mark, arriving for low water gave me a good chance to check the terrain, rocky as hell would just about some it up !, with gulleys and large boulders, flat slabs etc. It was blowing south westerly, with a good 3ft wave pushing through, plenty of white water with good visability.
So it was a case of getting on it and covering as much ground as possible, due to the wind i opted for a Hide Shallow, which casts like a bullet, and bites into the water nice, where as a feed shallow would be a waste of time. I had one follow from a schoolie, so at least the bass were there !, then comming up to mid tide i had a screamer of a take and it was fish on !, this fish went off like the clappers, stripping plenty of line, so it was a case of just hang on for a bit untill i could start pumping it back. It felt like i had this fish on for ages, keen not to loose it, as it felt like a good one, and i was right as i got my first climpse of her, a good six, seven, carefully coaxing her in, checking where i was going to surf her in on a wave, then she was gone !, bugger, no, no, no !

I decided to change to a Zonk Gataride, and was rewarded with a good take right at my feet, the fish powered back out into the waves, stripping line just as the first fish had, and after a good scrap of give and take, i eventually was holding a nice bass of 4lb 9, a few pics, weighed and then quickly released back to the pounding Cornish surf, result !
I managed one more fish bang on high tide of 2lb 8 on the Hide Shallow, as ever released to grow a bit bigger, until next time !

By this point i was well and truly baked from the sun, and decided to call it a day, and headed to the pub for a nice cold pint !