Categories: Joel's Fishing Diary
      Date: Jun 12, 2001
     Title: A Good Session

Wednesday 8 June 2011

Out for an evening session, with testing conditions, strong westerly wind and a good two to three foot wave rolling in, over shallow rocky ground, the water was gin clear, 13 degrees, air 13 degrees.
Within a couple of casts, the x140 was hit and the battle commenced, i eventually got the fish to my feet, but lost it as about to land, bugger !, she looked a good five.Out again with the x140, and again a good hit, as the fish made off for freedom, slicing through the waves, and at one point, running along a wave, which was quite a sight !, after another strong run, the fish was gone, double bugger !, this one i reckon was a good six or seven.

I was beginning to think this wasnt going to be my night, and reckon the fish were really snatching at the x140, in the rough conditions, being competative in nature, snatching whatever was getting tossed about in the surf, but there were obviously plenty of fish out there, so back again went the lure.

It wasnt long before i had a good take , and it was fish on, a good spirited fight, and she was eventually mine, a few shots, weighed and released, 5lb 6oz

As the tide pushed through, i continued casting, retreating from rock to rock to prevent being cut off, and it was then i had a big hit and it was fish on again !.This fish stayed deep, and made the reel scream as it went on run after run, my Sakura Mazzara bent double, to and fro we went, i would gain line and then she would go off run after run. I made shure i had retreated to some good ground, so as to not worry about the sea getting in behind me, and that i could just concentrate on getting the fish in. As soon as i had gained some line on her, she started head shaking, with short deep runs, waves crashing, adrenaline pumping, this fish was nearly mine. I managed to get her in on a wave, and grabbed her firmly, and swiftly got everything to some dry land, it was a good fish.

I placed her in the carp sack which i use to weigh my fish, and gathered the avons for the moment of truth !, 9lb 8oz, you beauty.
As ever, a few photos, and then a good bit of time spent getting her going again, moving her back and forth, till she was ready to get moving again.
Great stuff, i could have fished on and im sure i would of had some more fish, but sometimes its good to be content with the moment and let it all sink in.