Categories: Joel's Fishing Diary
      Date: May 29, 2001
     Title: My First Double !

Friday 27 May 2011

A day i wont forget !, gin clear water, a nice rolling two foot wave and onshore breeze greeted me to my mark, the only downer was the mid day bright sunshine. Knowing the sandeels were in, i clipped on a x140, and cast her tight to some rocks, and began my retreive over the shallow rocky ground, and within a few turns of the handle, i had a steamroller hit and was into a good fish.
Line screamed off  the reel as the fish headed back out to sea , i put on side pressure to keep her out of the wall of rocks, trying to keep her in open water, and for a while thats all we did, bring her back then off she went, bring her back off she went, adrenaline buzzing, i eventually got sight of her, as she flashed her flank, as she turned for another drag screeching run, god its such a lovely sound !, and as soon as i saw her, realizing i was hooked into something special, all i could keep saying to myself was. i am not loosing this one, over and over.
The heart in the mouth moment came as she was tiring, and i had managed to get her into the shallows, tightening the drag to maintain control, she was head shaking, the runs shorter, from experience thus is when you are most likely to loose a fish,so trying not to be to eager to get her in, just letting her off on short runs,the rod doubled up, hopping from rock back to rock, then she managed to get in behind a rock in front of me, with the words, i am not loosing this one still ringing in my head, and for a moment she was grounded on the rock !, lying there looking at me !, a quick bit off rock hopping to get a straight clear line and she was nearly mine, after a few more heat in the mouth moments, where the i am not loosing this one had become deafening !, i eventually brought her in on a wave and firmly held her under the gill cover and placed her on dry land.
I knew she was big from just picking her up, and as i quickly removed the plug and gathered the weighing kit, i found myself muttering, i think ive done it, i think ive done it !
Placed in the carp sack the avons told me i was right, 11lb 13ounces, a dream come true
Shaking somewhat i placed her in a holding pool still in the carp sack, and quickly set up the tripod on my camera, stuck it on timer and got a couple of shots, then quickly got her back in the pool, and held her firmly moving her back and forth to get her self back together, just at one with such a magnificant fish, til she let me know it was time to go, and she swam strongly back out to sea, thankyou sea !