Categories: Joel's Fishing Diary
      Date: Apr 12, 2001
     Title: A Thursday Evening Session

Thursday April 7 2011

Its so good to get out in the evening now we are in summer time, and its more than good to be back into some bass fishing !.
South easterly winds, ok water visability which was 9 degrees, air temperature at 16 degrees, i had the fish early on, again on the feed shallow, this lure seems to do the business at this mark, shallow and rocky,again we had some good swell,and this bass nailed the c.f,s and fought like a demon, with repeated runs stripping line off the clutch.
A few photos, weighed and then i placed her in a large rockpool to get her breath back, no more fish appeared so headed home with a smile on my face, she weighed 3lb 8oz