Joel Soul

North Devon Bass Guide

My name is Joel Squires and i live, eat and breathe  Bass fishing.

I have been fishing for over thirty five years, starting out catching sticklebacks with a bent pin, string and a bamboo rod !, the equipment might have changed but the thrill and excitement of just going fishing has stayed with me all my life.

Bass fishing to me is the ultimate, a true wild king of preadators, that when caught on light modern lure fishing equipment will get your heartbeat buzzing and your adrenaline racing,

I have been guiding for Bass for ten years on the North Devon coastline, which holds so many great marks to fish, and so many still yet to find, its potential is amazing.

The main objective of the guiding service is to put the travelling angler onto fish, it also will help in understanding lure choice, what lure to use and how to use it, playing and landing fish, and general watercraft.


For further information and booking enquiries please contact Joel on 01271 814523 or 07866505083

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